Maritime Drone Delivery

We are in a new era where automation is becoming a big part of our work and our lives. Technology related to UAS and UAV or drones are being developed to reach places or perform missions faster, safer and efficiently and also to help facilitate our lives or improve business or services, drone delivery is one of those use cases.

Drones can transport packages faster in a more efficient manner to places that are difficult to reach for a human or a car or a boat.
Delivery Drones are being used to transport all kind of packages, parcel/post-delivery, from medical supplies to food or goods and a lot of work is being done in regards of regulations, systems and technologies to use them for cargo purposes. Delivery in general is not only a service but is also a convenience and will resolve a valid use case bringing a great comfort servicing premium maritime consumers.

Maritime Drone Delivery opens a door to a whole new client-base, from Cruise Liners to Luxury Yachts and leisure clients.
At Maritime Delivery Drone Congress, we are bringing together the drone delivery industry with Yacht operators/owners to develop this concept and make it a reality opening a line of luxury business bringing comfort through delivery services to satisfy the need of premium clients.